Release new single "Don't Let Go"

It’s there! The release of our new single ‘Don’t Let Go’. 

We wanted to catch the moment in a positive way. We went back to basic, to eventually start with a clean musical sheet. We love the typical synth wave vibe and really wanted to merge a sound together with modern, even urban influences. That’s what 'Don’t Let Go' is about. It’s a song which has something for everyone, and it’s a story everybody can relate to in a way. We think this time needs positive thinking and we defnitely need each other.

'Don't Let Go' is also available on Spotify and other streaming services. We hope you'll enjoy this song. Take care.


Published on Februari 22 2021

Release new EP "The Prison Cell"

We're happy to announce the release of the last EP of the "No Dimensions" series. This one is called "The Prison Cell", which follows the previous ep's (The Porcelain Room & The Escape Room) in terms of story.

Please enjoy the music in the player on the left. Ofcourse it is also available on Spotify, Youtube and all other streaming services.

News on the release of the full album (with possibly some yet unreleased material...) will be shared shortly.

In the meantime, stay well and enjoy the music!


Published on March 21 2020



Don't Let Go - Official Video

Cut Me Loose - Official Video

China Shop - Official Video

Out Of Your Mind - Official Video


Steelyard is the uncompromising sound from Dutch artists and producers Frank Leemhuis and Wouter van der Veen. It’s a sound without boundaries, using influences from all kinds of musical genres like, art-rock, progressive rock, electro and even pop, but is best described as alternative.


Frank and Wouter wanted to push musical borders, combine different styles and merge them into a new sound. A different sound, yet recognizable and accessible. Based on this idea, three EP’s were created which form their debut album 'No Dimensions'. The album is about personal and relational dilemma’s and socially critical topics, described in a cryptic and ambiguous way.


What others say:


Nova Music: “the music they create is an emotionally dense concentrate that exudes a vibrant expressiveness that is pure, honest and sometimes rough and edgy”


KMS Reviews: “Dutch producers Frank Leemhuis and Wouter van de Veen, better known as Steelyard, are real masters of not just transmitting the notes, they also are able to paint pictures in the heads of the avid music listeners”



Frank Leemhuis

Producer - Singer - Pianist - Writer

Frank has always been busy with music. At a very young age he learned to play the piano and quickly became interested in composing his own music. He eventually saved up for a small home-studio where he began to explore the world of recording and composing. In this time period he discovered his voice and started playing in several cover bands across the Netherlands.


Because of his great passion for music, Frank finally went professional and upgraded his studio to industry standards. This is where his career really started. He worked at several projects as a (ghost) producer in the Dutch house music scene. With a predilection for alternative electronic rock music, he wanted more. And so, a new project was born.


Frank really wanted to combine natural instruments with electronic beats and effects in a sometimes experimental landscape. Music should be from the heart without restrictions or boundaries. That’s exactly what Steelyard is about. Together with co-producer/guitarist/writer Wouter van der Veen, he founded Steelyard.

Wouter van der Veen

Co-Producer - Guitarist  - Writer

Wouter van der Veen is a guitar player who finds inspiration in some of the biggest names in the guitar world like rock guitarists Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen, but also jazz guitarists like Bireli Lagrene and Kurt Rosenwinkel. After years of practice, he developed his own sound, something he really aspired to.


In the early stages, Wouter started playing guitar in some cover bands. Along the way he began to write his own songs, which led to the foundation of the progressive rock band Armed Cloud. As one of the main writers of the band his influences are deeply rooted in the music, creating a progressive sound with influences from rock, metal and pop. Armed Cloud is touring across the Netherlands and are considered upcoming in the genre.


As the years go by, Wouter became a guitar teacher, passing on his knowledge to other people. Finally, he teamed up with Frank Leemhuis to form Steelyard. Together they’ve achieved a unique sound, combining all kinds of genres to create a sound you can’t put in a box.



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