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Release new EP "The Prison Cell"

We're happy to announce the release of the last EP of the "No Dimensions" series. This one is called "The Prison Cell", which follows the previous ep's (The Porcelain Room & The Escape Room) in terms of story.

Please enjoy the music in the player on the left. Ofcourse it is also available on Spotify, Youtube and all other streaming services.

News on the release of the full album (with possibly some yet unreleased material...) will be shared shortly.

In the meantime, stay well and enjoy the music!


Published on March 21 2020

Release 'Out Of Your Mind' Official Video

Official music video of 'Out Of Your Mind' from the second of three EP's; The Escape Room. All three EP's together form the upcoming album; No Dimensions.



Published on Januari 27 2020

Announcement EP release "The Escape Room"

Our second EP “The Escape Room” will be out December 11! This is the second of three EP’s that together form the full album “No Dimensions”. The EP will be available on Spotify and all other streaming services. Check out the EP preview video and the tracklist below!

"The Escape Room" tracklist:

1. Cut Me Loose
2. Out Of Your Mind
3. Not Our Time

                                                                                                                       Published on December 5 2019

Release 'Cut Me Loose' Official Video

Our second EP "The Escape Room" is out now and available on Spotify and all other streaming services. The single of this EP is "Cut Me Loose". Check out the video on the right!



Published on December 11 2019

Release 'Here To Disappear' Official Video

So here it is, the third and final video from our first EP "The Porcelain Room". Check out "Here To Disappear" !!


By the way, our second EP out of three is coming soon. More info about that will be announced later. For now, thanks for all your support, really appreciated!



Published on October 21 2019

Release 'No Dimensions' Official Video

Check out the videoclip for “No Dimensions”, part of our recently released EP “The Porcelain Room” and title track of the full album!

 Published on October 7 2019

Release 'China Shop' Official Video

We proudly present the official video for “China Shop”, the first single of our debut EP “The Porcelain Room”. We are also happy to announce that our EP “The Porcelain Room” is now released and available on all streaming platforms. Go check it out!

Published on September 23 2019

EP Preview - The Porcelain Room

To get a taste of our new upcoming EP "No Dimensions – Part I: The Porcelain Room”, check the preview video below! We are very thrilled we're getting close to the release of our first EP in September. We'll soon announce more details about this release, such as the official release date, album art, tracklist and more. So stay tuned!

Published on August 22 2019


So, it took us some time, but now the time has finally come! In September 2019 we will release the first part of our full album "No Dimensions". The album is divided in three parts, the first part is called “The Porcelain Room”. More news about it will be announced soon!

Published on August 15 2019

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